Audit and Assurance


Auditing Standards

IAASB 2018

  1.  IAASB -2018-HB -Vol-1: Click here to download
  2.  IAASB -2018-HB -Vol-2: Click here to download
  3. IAASB -2018-HB -Vol-3: Click here to download



Other Resources

CPA PNG continues to have uploaded resources from other professional organizations around the Globe

  •  International Ethics Standards
  • International Education Standards, 2019 IESBA Handbook
  • International Financial Reporting Standards
  • International Standards on Auditing
  • International Public Standards on Auditing
  • Internatonal Standards on Quality Control; (CAPA) MM Guidance Quality Assurance for Audit
  • Quality Assurance

Review Questions for CPA Australi Modules:

2017 Questions

  1. AAA-Knowledge-check-MCQ-ER_2nd-edn
  2. FR_Knowledge-Checks_2017-S1_3rd-edition_20170302
  3. FRM-Knowledge-check-MCQ_2nd-edn_20170223

2016 Questions

  1. 2016-AAA-Knowledge-check-MCQ-and-ER
  2. 2016-EG-Knowledge-check-MCQ
  3. 2016-FR-Knowledge-check-MCQ
  4. 2016-FRM-Knowledge-check-MCQ
  5. 2016-SMA-Knowledge-check-MCQ-and-ER